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Champions DAO is a community DAO NFT project with the goal of purchasing, owning and operating a professional football (soccer) club.

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The Path to a Club


The structuring and planning phase has been meticulously researched and executed by our four founders. From meetings and the complete indexing of our vision, to socials and community building, our founders have put in the work to best set up the DAO with short and long term success in mind.

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At Champions DAO we have a diverse skillset and industry connections in the business, sports, and blockchain world. Execution will include everything between the planning and structure phase up until the sale of our NFT DAO membership.

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After sellout of our DAO NFT membership we have several key components of our roadmap to accomplish. This includes working with a sports investment bank to strategically select the right club and negotiate its purchase. As well as working with a top digital studio to create our members only metaverse location and, most importantly, transferring power to the DAO.

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